In the Strings of the Lyre


M56 (NGC 6779) in the constellation Lyra
Sketch and Details by Kiminori Ikebe

M56 (NGC 6779) Globular Cluster in Lyra

This globular is northwest of Albireo. It is a mid-size globular and fairly bright. It is grainy but even at 190x it is not resolved clearly. The center is triangular-shaped with even brightness. The outlying area is faint and diffuse. There are some faint stars further out, but it is not certain whether they are members of this globular.
There is a double star north of the center. The faint outlying area is extensive in the north but almost no extension is detected in the south. However, there is a string of stars forming an arch in the south.

Difficulty level 3
Date of observation: 2000/08/28 00:47
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2 thoughts on “In the Strings of the Lyre”

  1. Mr. Ikebe,

    This is a fine sketch and description of this distant globular cluster.

    Frank 🙂

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