Mottled and Narrow


M108 (NGC 3556) Galaxy in Ursa Major
Sketch and Details by Kiminori Ikebe translated by Eiji Kato

M108 (NGC 3556) in Ursa Major
Sketch and text by Kiminori Ikebe translated by Eiji Kato

This is a galaxy near M97, the Owl Nebula. It is quite bright and large with a mottled surface brightness hinting at some structures. It is has a narrow elongated shape, but unlike edge-on galaxies, it does not have a central condensation or sharply defined outline. It seems to be split into three regions. There is a small isolated area at the western end of the galaxy. The center of the galaxy is elongated and the eastern part is faint and diffuse. There is a star on the western side.

Date of observation: 2001/11/24 05:22
Observing site: Kujyu Mountains, Japan
Transparency/seeing/sky darkness: 3/3/4 of 5
Instruments: 50cm Dobsonian with XL14 at 160x
Width of field: 0.40 ‹

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  1. Kiminori,
    I like Your sketch. It is very accurate and simply nice! Thanks for this interesting object.

    Marek 🙂

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