Dear fellow astronomical sketchers,

Over eight years ago on March 17, 2007, ASOD launched with our first sketch of the day. In that time, it has been our honor to receive and publish more than 2,800 astronomical sketches from observers of all backgrounds across the globe. You are the ones who have made ASOD successful.

Along the way, the administration of the site has been a home-brewed effort–from site design and administration to the daily processing of your excellent submissions. As you have noticed, it’s not without a few glitches. We value the site, our contributors and our visitors greatly. However, Rich and I have reached a difficult cross-roads. We have both found ourselves at a point where we are unable to continue keeping the site current. For the time being, we will not be posting new submissions. However, we intend to keep this vast and inspiring archive of astronomical sketches live and accessible to all.

If we can determine a viable path to restart daily posts, to increase engagement and quality of the user experience, and overcome a number of growing technical challenges, we will make sure to announce it here. Thanks again for all of your support for this rewarding facet of amateur astronomy.

Yours truly,
Jeremy Perez

17 thoughts on “Hiatus”

  1. So sad news Jeremy :(. I hope you guys can find a viable way to solve this situation. This is the nicest page in the web and I love it!

  2. I can’t believe it.
    ASOD is my homepage since several years. I feel proud of being part of it, and proud of every contribution published.
    I’ve learned techniques and was delighted with all my colleagues’ submissions.
    Thank you for the invaluable collection found here!
    Hope we find new sketches here soon.
    I wish dark and deep skies to everyone.

    Greetings from Brazil.

    Rodrigo P.C.

  3. Thank you, thank you very much for your work
    and my best wishes and Jeremy Rich.

    Pedro Villamiel.

  4. It’s really a pity. Thank you very much for all these years Jeremy and Rich, and thank you for all the night artists, as well. Best wishes for all.


  5. I’m so sorry to hear that Jeremy and Rich! This astronomical site is one of my favorites and a reference to our sketch forum (Espacio Profundo). If there’s anything we can do to help, please, let us know! Thank you all very much for your hard work, best of wishes. Leandro Yasutake

  6. Jeremy and Rich, thank you for hosting this site and providing a forum for astro-sketchers to share our work over the past years. I visited this site daily and was inspired by the great work posted by others. Best wishes. Brian Chopp

  7. Thanks so much for your time doing this. I don’t have the talent to contribute, but I’ve been enjoying stopping in for quite some time. As a visual observer, the sketches are so much “closer to the eyepiece” than any photograph can achieve.

  8. Thank you for your hard work!

    What are some of the issues that you are facing? Maybe the community can brainstorm/crowdsource some solutions with you?


  9. Jeremy and Rich,

    Thank you for Your work and the time we had togather!
    Thank to all my friends on this ASOD-site!

    Per-Jonny .

  10. To all concerned,
    Thank you for all for your efforts. I know I’ll miss my daily visits to this inspirational website. Many of the sketches caused me to gasp in awe at the artistry involved.
    Clear nights & safe travels,
    Mark Force

  11. Jeremy and Rich, Thank you so much for your time, talent and passion for Astro sketching, which has been greatly appreciated over the years. As a matter of fact, it was this site that inspired me to give sketching a try. It was always a treat to see so many great artists from around the world, display their work. It will be missed.

    John Eaccarino

  12. Oh! It is really really sad news..
    ASOD is my pleasure, treasure chest, idea box and all of my insight.
    Thank you Jeremy. And I believe ASOD will continue again..
    – Nightwid (Kanguk Cho) from South Korea –

  13. This is a very sad new…ASOD was the reason for me to begin to sketch what I see at the eyepiece. I have learned so much during last 2 years from the drawings of every amateur astronomers around the world…

    Thank you very much Jeremy for your hard work and I hope that ASOD will continue again in the future.


  14. A sad story, but a hard daily work, I hope that in the future continue, this community marked a before and after.

    Thanks for the effort all these years Jeremy and Rich, all the artists who have worked for so long.

    Best regards.


  15. Jeremy and Rich,
    Thank you both for all the hard work you’ve put into ASOD over the years. Even a labor of love can become a burden but your service to the community of amateur astronomers is much appreciated by sketchers and non-sketchers alike. I believe this site is unique on the web–not many can say that–so I hope you’ll be able to restart ASOD at some point in the future.
    Best regards,
    Michael Rosolina

  16. Servus Jeremy
    Very bad that your site “Astronomy Sketch of the day” is no longer online.
    It was a unique idea !! I thank you for your great work, because I know how it is to keep such a homepage always up to date.
    Your website is a much visited website in Germany.
    We also have an active visual deep sky scene in Germany and we are always all linked on our various websites.
    I wish you health and many clear nights with much beautiful sketches!!

    CS Hajü

  17. I can’t believe this site has been gone for 5 years now. I’ve recently got back into sketching and was hoping that I’d come back here and see that the site is back up and running.

    I’m curious if there is anything I could do to assist in getting this site back up and running? I know for the small community of amateur astronomers that sketch the night sky that this was an amazing place to see other people’s sketches, and a place to share your own astronomy art. I’d be interested to know what went into running this site? Maybe I could be of some assistance to get it back up and running for the members, who I’m sure would come back to this great source, to share their views of the night sky again.

    Please feel free to contact me if this is something that we can figure out together!

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