7 May 2015 Sun - Compilation

A Sun Event

17 May 2015 Sun - Compilation
17 May 2015 Sun – Compilation

Our friends of the La Blaque observatory in Varages had organized an afternoon dedicated to solar observation. We were ten of us behind the eyepieces to admire the hot sun rays.
Here join a small overview of the animation (the base color comes from the coffee offered by Caroline)

We deploy heavy EQ, Celestrons (the famous Hats of AiryLab) some large Lunts a Skywatcher and other solar bino’s. I had a lot of work at the sketch board !!! Only a 150 mm Lunt was devoted to the photography.
Here is a little souvenir from the H-alpha compiled views from the Fred’s Hat, the 150/1200 for WL and a nice Jean-Luc bino for 3D view…

As the sun had become much quieter than previous days, it was not particularly complex to draw today, but we do what we can with the star we have! On the left we can see the active area around the end of the AR2339 spot.

Clear sky to you all

Michel Deconinck

17 May 2015 Sun
17 May 2015 Sun

6 thoughts on “A Sun Event”

  1. Very nice drawing of the sun with differents telescopes!



  2. Hello Michel!

    Excellent sketch of the sun, and you are an artist in making
    sketches of People around, looks like “photo”!
    I enjoy Your aquarell drawings. I look foreward to many more from you !


  3. Michel,

    It is always such a great pleasure to see your water color (and coffee) compositions.
    You always capture a scene that any observer would want to be a part of.
    Fine solar observation.

    Frank 🙂

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