Solar Prominence from Ireland

Solar Prominence - 13 May 2015
Solar Prominence – 13 May 2015

I went out to sketch the AR 2339 in h-alpha but when I saw this massive Hedgerow type prominence on the limb it had to be done.
PST 40 halpha scope ,8mm eyepiece / 50X
Pastels and Conte on black paper. 13:33 UT May 13th 2015
Bray, Co Wicklow, Ireland

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Deirdre Kelleghan




6 thoughts on “Solar Prominence from Ireland”

  1. Finally!! i can insert my sketches!!! Compliments Dee!! Nextly i made this sketch with my pst!!

  2. Hi Dee,

    What a beautiful capture; so very nice to see one of your masterpieces here.

    Frank 🙂

  3. This is a very good sketch. It has lots of color, depth and detail. It shows some great skill and attention to the details. It almost seems like there’s an atmosphere along the edge of the sun. Indeed, the prominence creates one! Good work! S, McG

  4. Thanks for all the positive comments , its is a lifetimes work tring to get the sun down on paper . Someday I hope to get all the features down at the same time which is a complex task hence a lifetime of trying 🙂 very enjoyable

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