Copernicus Crater


Object Name: Copernicus Crater
Object Type: Lunar Crater
Location: Ottawa, ON, Canada
Date: 2 May 15
Media: Vine charcoal background, graphite pencil for the crater

I am very new at sketching, this being the first one I’d consider worthy of uploading. It was drawn from a photo of Copernicus crater I brought up on my computer screen as practice for the sketching course I’m currently taking. I’m still struggling to convey a sense of depth, as well as develop a rapid technique that I will need when I am at the eyepiece of my telescope.

2 thoughts on “Copernicus Crater”

  1. That is a good way to learn how to sketch craters in preparation for sketching at the eyepiece.

    Frank 🙂

  2. Its nice to be able to sketch from a photo and get all the details right and as Frank said great practice for the eyepiece! Keep up the good work!


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