M42 AND M43 Under Polluted Suburban Skies

M42, M43
Messier 42 and 43

Object Name: M42 Orion´s Nebula and M43 Marian´s Nebula
Object Type: Nebulas
Location: Boadilla del Monte, Madrid. Polluted suburban skies.
SW refractor 102/1000; Ocular 25mm; 40x; No filter; No barlow.
Date: 27 March 2015; 22:30 hrs
Media: Black pencil on White paper. Inverted colors with Fitswork.
Magnitude: M42: 4,00 ; M43: 9,00
Seeing: 4/5

Thank´s a lot,

3 thoughts on “M42 AND M43 Under Polluted Suburban Skies”

  1. Borja,

    Nice post. The Orion nebula can be seen even in heavy light pollution.
    It is even worthwhile to go out and capture it as you have here.


  2. @Frank McCabe
    Thank’s Frank. Yes, the Orion Nebula is one of the greatest deep sky objects wherever you can see it.
    I have to say that this sketch is my second sketch of all my life. I have to practice and enjoy much more.


  3. Borja,

    M42, M43 are always a pleasure to see. Amazing the amount of detail that is present despite light polluted skies. Thank you for posting and nicely done.


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