Prominence Extraordinaire! H-alpha Prominence 1-10-15

Solar Prominence - January 10, 2015
Solar Prominence – January 10, 2015


I think what I like best about solar observing is you never know what you will find going on! This large prominence at the eastern limb appeared extraordinary in its detailed and lacey appearance. Seeing was very good and at higher magnification a network of bright areas appeared, much like a picture of a neuron cell with branching filaments extending in all directions. Tilting Sun Graphics are used to denote prominence location.

Solar Prominence
h-alpha 60mm Lunt
Maui, Hawaii
0945-1020 HST (1945-2020 UT)
Black Canson paper, white & black charcoal pencil, watercolor pencil & Conte’ Crayon
Tilting Sun Graphics

Cindy (Thia ) L. Krach
Haleakala Amateur Astronomers

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5 thoughts on “Prominence Extraordinaire! H-alpha Prominence 1-10-15”

  1. Cindy,

    A superb solar sketch.
    I especially like solar sketches during the dark cloudy days of winter,
    they help warm me up.

    Frank 🙂

  2. Very nice, Cindy. It’s hard to render the delicate appearance of these proms as well as you have.

    And hats off to our hard working webmasters!

    Michael Rosolina
    Friar Hill, WV USA

  3. Aloha Cindy!
    Another stunning sketch of the dynamic features of our solar mother to admire!
    From your astro gal pal
    Jan in Ha’iku, Maui, Hawai’i
    Saw double moon shadow on Jupiter last night!
    Hope someone sketched it!

  4. Thank you Frank, Michel, Michael and Jan for your kind comments.

    Jeremy & Rich, thank you for all the hard work in making ASOD a wonderful place to see new astronomical sketches and learn something new about objects being sketched. It is very much appreciated. And thank you for the clarification on the object size limits.


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