NGC 40

NGC 40, "The Bow Tie Nebula" a planetary nebula in the constellation Cepheus
NGC 40, “The Bow Tie Nebula” a planetary nebula in the constellation Cepheus


I submit you a sketch of NGC40, which is a planetary nebula in the constellation of Cepheus. The nebula is beautiful but its understanding is a bit complicated because the details are either difficult to see or obvious but hard to localise with precision.
It took me more or less two hours to draw NGC40 with my 250mm (10 inches) dobson with a Nagler 5mm eyepiece (that gives a magnification of 250x).
I draw with graphite pencils (4B and B) on 180g white bristol, then in used Photoshop CS6 for the colors inversion and stars processing (making them perfectly round and add the colors).

Object Name: NGC40
Object Type: Planetary Nebula in Constellation Cepheus
Observing Location: Rolle, Switzerland
Date: 6th September 2014

Have a nice day and clear skies.

José Rodrigues

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  1. Wonderful details in your sketch. I enjoy this planetary nebula as well and would like to go back to tease out more details as you have done. Thank you for sharing your sketch.

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