Messier 57, The Ring Nebula

Messier 57, The Ring Nebula
Messier 57, The Ring Nebula

Object Name – Messier 57, The Ring Nebula
Object Type – Planetary Nebula
Location – Tullamore, Co. Offaly, Ireland
Date – 06 August 2014
Media – Graphite pencil on white paper (Image inverted)

This is my first sketch of M57. Observations were made using an Orion XT10i and a 17mm Wide Angle (65° FOV) lens.

The seeing conditions were average, however i made the sketch from my back garden under light polluted skies. There was also a half moon present which added to the skyglow.

I used averted vision to notice the subtle features of the slightly elongated nebula. The central star was not seen in my telescope.
Observations were made with and without a DMC Narrow Band Pass Nebula filter. The filter slightly increased the contrast of the nebula while obscuring the background stars.
Overall I am very happy with how it came out.

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