Messier 27 (NGC 6853) "The Dumbbell Nebula"

M27 Nebulosa Dumbbell

Messier 27 (NGC 6853) "The Dumbbell Nebula"
Messier 27 (NGC 6853) “The Dumbbell Nebula”

Object Name: (Dumbbel Nebula M27 / NGC 6853)
Object Type: (Nebula)
Location: (Bercedo (Burgos) – Spain)
Date: (2012-09-15 / 23h 15m UT)
Media: White paper, 4B, 2B y HB graphite pencil, scanned and inverted with Photoshop
Telescope: Celestron OMNI 127 XLT (Smith-Cassegrain 5”)
Eyepiece: Baader Hyperion 13mm
Transparency: Clear, Rural Skies.
Location Constellation: Vulpecula
assessments: Dumbbel nebula appears a manner reminiscent even hourglass, but as if it had moved from side to side and left as a halo (something like a horizontal X but faded)

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