Mars - April 28, 2014
Mars – April 28, 2014
Mars - April 30, 2014
Mars – April 30, 2014

Please find attached 2 of my recent Mars observations from this week rendered with Watercolour paints.

I used my 153mm Triplet F9 refractor, binoviewer and neodymium filter, 15mm Tele vue panoptic eyepieces yielding 215x.

I hope that they are of interest. Seeing was difficult on both occasions, but I have enjoyed seeing the bright clouds which the refractor has shown ably.

Kind regards, Dale

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3 thoughts on “Mars”

  1. Dale,

    Mars looks great in your watercolor sketches! Seems a perfect media for capturing the fine surface features. Well done!


    Cindy (Thia)

  2. Dale,

    These are beautiful captures of Mars in watercolors.

    Frank 🙂

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