Sunsketches on May 4th

The Sun - May 4, 2014
The Sun – May 4, 2014
My place for looking at the sun
My place for looking at the sun

Since I exchanged Belgium for Sweden last year, I am faced with lack of astronomical darkness since mid april. Astronomical darkness (sun below 18 degrees of horizon) will only return end of august. Therefore I will be concentrating drawing more suns and moons instead of deepsky. The positive side to this is that in Winter time it ‘s astronomical dark at 5.30PM already 🙂

I have used my 21 years old TeleVue 101 SDF apochromate refractor, teamed with an (also old) Daystar 0.7Å h-alfa filter. A Barlow is needed to reach the required f/30 focal length. I am using a TeleVue alt-az Gibraltar mount.

I have added a picture to show the observation location. I have reached SQM 21.6 a number of times already.
Hope you like it.

best regards
Erik van Woerkens

3 thoughts on “Sunsketches on May 4th”

  1. Erik,

    A very fine solar sketch.
    Your location looks superb.

    Frank 🙂

  2. NO DEEP SKY FOR 6 MONTHS !!! Ouch! Unlucky guy…
    Well, the chance is that the Sun is currently very interesting, and you made very nice sketch of it.
    You may also see auroras I suppose, isn’t it? Lucky guy… 🙂
    Jean-Marc (FR)

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