Messier 67

Messier 67 (NGC 2682)
Messier 67 (NGC 2682)

• Object Name: Messier 67 (NGC 2682)

• Object Type: Open cluster

• Location: Pelayos de la Presa Spain

• Date: 04/19/2014

• Media: Graphite Pencil HB 2, torchon 1 and 130g drawing sheet

• Inverted color and processed GIMP 2.8

Observation notes:

New 10” dob telescope. 80x. Object Elevation +53 º. Male 5,4. 17º C. Moisture 40 º/º.

M 67 is a good open cluster.

It is easy to see in the form 9x as a round puff, with a bright orange star in the crimped edge.

It is dominated by a bright orange star that seems to project jets of bright stars like a majestic fountain in the middle of the dark sky.

Greetings to all visitors of this page.
PVG. Alcorcon, Madrid 04/19/2014

7 thoughts on “Messier 67”

  1. Pedro,

    This is a wonderful capture of the fine open cluster M-67.
    Excellent post.

    Frank 🙂

  2. Thank you.

    For me it is a joy that you like the drawing, and a pleasure to share with everyone.


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