Carina Nebula

The Bipolar Homunculus

Carina Nebula
Carina Nebula

Object Name: The Homunculus. η Car. Keyhole Nebula. Carina Nebula.
Object Type: Bipolar nebula. Star. Dark Nebula. Emission Nebula.
Location: San Miguel, Buenos Aires Argentina.
Conditions: NELM 4.8-5.1. Good transparency, acceptable seeing. Moonset (Waxing Gibbous).
Date: 12/01/2014 3:30 am.
Media: 2H, HB, blend stump and PS.
Equipment: Meade LB 12″ on equatorial tracking platform. Plossl 10mm + x2 Barlow.

Hi ASOD! This time I’ve drawn the incredible Homunculus and the surrounding nebula along with the stars. As a beginner, the sketch was a challenge for me. I`m not sure if the Keyhole and Carina nebula are 100% correct because of the light from early summer sunrise. Anyway, the Homunculus was amazing with interior dust lanes and notches.

Best regards. Leo

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