Messier 76

Messier 76

Messier 76
Messier 76

• Object Name: M 76 (NGC 650) Little Dumbbell
• Object Type: Planetary Nebula
• Location: Pelayos Spain
• Date: December 1, 2013
• Media: Graphite Pencil HB 2 torchon drawing sheet 1 and 130g
• inverted colors with GIMP 2.8

Small but high surface brightness that allows us to higher powers to try to seek details object.

I became interested in watching him from an article Almach and is now one of my favorite objects.

Greetings to all visitors of this page.

PVG. Alcorcon, Madrid January 15, 2014

6 thoughts on “Messier 76”

  1. Pretty fine sketch, congratulations.
    This is also a good target from Brazil, although a little low in the horizon.

  2. Great sketch Pedro. M76 from a dark sky is a planetary very impressive, and seeing your drawing, it seems you had a very good night in Pelayos.



  3. Gracias por los comentarios.
    Oscar, Pelayos de la Presa está a unos 70km. de Madrid y a unos 900m de altura. el sitio no es de los mejores, y aunque la nebulosas planetarias admiten bien algo de contaminación lumínica, siempre me ha sorprendido este sítio por lo bien que se ven estos objetos. La nebulosa de la Hélice tambien la obserbé en este sitio.

    Thanks for the feedback.
    Oscar de la Presa, Pelayo is about 70km. Madrid and about 900m high. the site is not the best, and although the planetary nebulae allowed use some light pollution, has always amazed me how well this site was that these objects are. Helix Nebula also the obserbé on this site.

    Observation perform for a 220x and NPB filter.

    A greeting.


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