Jones 1

Jones 1

Jones 1
Jones 1


I submit to you a sketch of Jones 1 or PK104-29.1. After an evening of excellent seeing & pursuing dim & stellar planetary objects, this was a treat to finish the evening with. The sketch shows my observation using OIII & NPB filters.

Jones 1 is a 12th to 15th magnitude (depending on source referenced) ~5’ planetary nebula located in Pegasus. It appears very dim but takes on much more detail with the use of OIII or NPB filters. It appears somewhat circular with the brightest rim to the NW, however another rim of brightness appears to the SE at times. With prolonged observation there is a shimmering & shifting to the brightness within the broken ring. A few dim stars appears embedded with averted vision. My profession is in the medical field and I was struck by a first impression of a 3 dimensional corpuscle!

Cindy (Thia) Krach

10/10/13 12:45 am
Jones 1 Planetary Nebula in Pegasus
12.5” Portaball
14mm 109x
OIII or NPB filters
graphite pencil on white paper inverted with Photoscape

5 thoughts on “Jones 1”

  1. Dear Cindy,

    The nebular is well discribed. Beautiful sketchβ™‘
    I enjoyed very much.


  2. Hi Cindy,

    Beautiful sketch of this faint planetary nebula.
    Your sketching is stellar!

    Frank πŸ™‚

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