Messier 19

Messier 19
Messier 19

Pedro Villamiel. New 10”. 80x.

• Object Name: M 19 (NGC 6273)

• Object Type: Globular Cluster

• Location: Pelayos de la Presa – Spain

• Date: 14/07/2013

• Media: Graphite Pencil HB 2 torchon drawing sheet 1 and 130g

• inverted colors with GIMP 2.8

Observation notes:

Male 5,6 Height obj.20° to 25 °

(1) Identification: Easy. Be recognized in the form of 9x as a bright blur. With letters from mag. 6.5 slow 3 min.

(2) Brightness: Bright. Wide central dense and grainy soft descending into a speckled halo.

(3) Size: Large.

(4) Form: Both the densest as all show an oval shape.

(Five) Trait remarkable: The stretch in your form is very rare, on CG.

(6) Field: rich stellar field, double star 80 ‘. Two orders of magnitude. Very clear zone of stars around the GC.

(7) Better vision: With 110x shows a dense and brilliant oval center surrounded by a beautiful crown of fine sheen dotted

Greetings to all visitors of this page.

Pedro Villamiel. Alcorcon, Madrid. 14/07/2013

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