When Perfection Appears Imperfect

Stargate Asterism
Stargate Asterism

Hello – I was recommended to your site by Patrick Wiggens of the Salt Lake Astronomical Society. I am a fine artist recently infatuated with the night sky and have spent the summer observing and making paintings from those observations.

Please let me know if this type of drawing does not apply to the intention of the site.

Object Name Stargate / Corvus / Virgo / Spica
Object Type Star Formation
Location Stanisbury Park Observatory Complex, Tuille, Ut
Date 7/02/2013
Media Marker, oil based pen, paperboard

Equipment used: 40cm Ealing Classical Cassegrain

Bill Williams of the Salt Lake Astronomical Society helped me to discover Stargate as part of my training on the observatory’s 40cm Cassegrain. It has been a favorite ever since. I find it paradoxical that the precise geometric formation appears to be a flaw in the chaotic organization of the universe at this level. Perfection appears imperfect.
Best Regards,
Kristy Mitchell

A Red Necked Emu

STAR 26 Asterism
STAR 26 Asterism

The STAR (Small Telescope Asterism Roster) list was started by Philip S. Harrington and published in his books “Touring The Universe Through Binoculars” and “The Deep Sky – An Introduction”. The catalogue counts 28 asterisms of different size and interest. Some are easy to recognize, others need a lot of imagination.
STAR 26 is a really nice asterism in Cygnus. His brightest star (at the tail) is 29 Cygni. Can you see the red necked emu? When you visit this asterism you will see more stars in the EP… I didn’t sketch any surrounding stars. And because honesty is the best policy, I copied the figure from internet.

More information about STAR: http://www.ssoastro.org/STAR_List.htm

Clear skies
Jef De Wit

Object Name: STAR 26
Object Type: asterism
Location: Hove, Belgium (51°°09’ N 4°28’ E)
Date and time: 26 June 2011 around 23.00 UT
Equipment: Orion Optics UK 12” Dobson
Eyepieces: 35mm Celestron Ultima (FOV +/- 75’ and magnification 34x)
SQM: 19.1
Medium: graphite pencil HB/n°2, fineliner, scanned and inverted, process with Paint