Needle in a Deep Dark Haystack

NGC 4565

NGC 4565, The Needle Galaxy in Coma Berenices
Sketch and Details by Ignisdei (Robert Twarogal)


Now I want to present my last night sketch – Needle- galaxy NGC 4565 .This object lays in the constellation Coma Berenices about 50 million light-years away .. It is always a pleasure for me to watch the magnificent shape of this spiral beauty. It is one of the marvellous galaxies of spring night sky. The core of this object is sharp and visible, quite the contrary – long spiral arms are much more elusive.

Object Name Needle- galaxy NGC 4565
Object Type (Galaxy)
Location (Oborniki, suburbia, Poland)

Date (19-04-2009)
Equipment Meade SCT 8″ + Heq5, WO SWAN 40mm and 25mm
Autor: Ignisdei (Robert Twarogal)

Your sincerely Robert

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