Jupiter - 15 May 2015

Jupiter’s Arrow

Jupiter - 15 May 2015
Jupiter – 15 May 2015

Object: Jupiter and moons plus a couple of stars

Telescope: Dobson 8″
Eyepiece: Delos 12mm
Location: Garganta la Olla, Spain

Materials: Black ink fountain pen on white paper , and reversed on Photoshop

The night was a bad seeing one, so I turned to Jupiter and catched this Arrow shape formation tha I found funny.

Hope you like it!

Aurelio Alcalde

3 thoughts on “Jupiter’s Arrow”

  1. Hey Aurelio,

    This is a Nice sketch of Jupiter and its four Bright moons!
    It is always interesting and funny to follow them in orbit over time.
    Nice post!


  2. Aurelio,

    I enjoyed the title of the sketch and it does appear to be so in this capture. I like it very much, nice work


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