Arp 254

Arp 254
Arp 254

Another from the early hours of morning, Arp 254 a lot going on here beyond my sketch, but knowing of the interaction taking place and seeing the start of the bridge is quite an amazing thing if you think about it!

I have a little back log of sketches that I need to get out to you, I just did this one as it was a single and I wrote the blog pretty quickly!


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2 thoughts on “Arp 254”

  1. Dale,

    This is a deep-deep sky capture.
    You must be pleased pulling in these faint
    and far away targets. Impressive.

    Frank 🙂

  2. Ha ha Frank, when I saw 1 comment, before I opened it I knew that it would be from you 🙂
    Far too generous as always!

    My thanks to young Jeremy for posting this too 🙂

    Dale UK

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