Dumbbell or Apple Core

This is my sketch of M27 (NGC 6853), the Dumbbell Nebula, sometimes called Apple Core. This planetary nebula is probaly the best one to show for the first-time-on-scope ones who want to know about the future of our Sun. It’s the brightest, bigger and sharper one, just Hellix surpases it, but not in surface brightness … Continue reading Dumbbell or Apple Core

A Very Close Globular in Scorpius

M4 (NGC 6121) a large nearby globular cluster in Scorpius Sketch and Details by Jorge Arranz Hello, Here is my sketch of M4, globular cluster in Scorpius, and second nearest to Earth, just after FSR 1767. It was done from Bonilla, Cuenca, Spain, on 7/18/2009, using a Dob Lightbidge 10″, with a SWAN 15 mm … Continue reading A Very Close Globular in Scorpius