Garradd and M71

26/08/2011 _ 23.30 – 23.50 CEST Hlucin _ Czech rep. Pencil on white paper and inverted in Photoshop Here is the sketch of comet Garradd and globular cluster M71. Conditions were very fine, clear sky and only some light pollution. I made the sketch yesterday night. [note: sketch was submitted August 26, 2011.] Clear sky … Continue reading Garradd and M71

Binocular Icon 57 : Sagitta and M71

The Constellation Sagitta and M71 (NGC 6838) Sketch and Details by Rony De Laet Sagitta is a small but fascinating constellation. It fits completely in a common pair of binoculars. A fine bonus is offered by the presence of the loose globular, M71. This globular is visible as a hazy spot between Gamma and Delta … Continue reading Binocular Icon 57 : Sagitta and M71

“Almost” Globular Cluster

Messier 71By Ignisdei (Robert Twarogal) Hi! In my five-year observation history , there hasn’t been such ugly year. Only rain and clouds over my country. However, yesterday evening, the sky suddenly cleared, after strong rain and appeared so many stars. At the east horizon hunged Sagitta, (the Arrow). That night I looked inside it. M71…. … Continue reading “Almost” Globular Cluster

A Globular with a Tail

M71, A Globular Cluster with a Tail Sketch and Details by Per-Jonny Bremseth Hey! Sending you “M71, Globular with tail”. This observation is from nearby Trondheim, Norway. The drawing is made with water based crayons on black paper, not inverted. I observe deep sky objects only when the sky is clean and transparent! Look at … Continue reading A Globular with a Tail

Sagitta’s Stellar Nexus

M71Sketch and Details by Ernest Shekolyan Hi! That is my picture of M71 (globular cluster NGC 6838 in Sagitta 8.4m, 7.2′). The sketch was done 27 July 2006 at village Ponizovka, South Crimea (Ukraine) under very dark sky (visual limit for naked eye was better 6.1m). 10″ 1:5.6 Dob, 6 mm UWA (Synta), 230x, FOV: … Continue reading Sagitta’s Stellar Nexus