Jupiter – 1 April 2015

Hi, This sketch of my favorite planet of the solar system, that day their moons aligned, the great red spot and below this, the shadow of Europe, the picture was very rewarding and enjoyed meeting observation, but since the city only allows this type comments, try to have a place for these events really impressive. … Continue reading Jupiter – 1 April 2015

Open Cluster NGC 6940 in Vulpecula

Greetings to all the ASOD community, I share this sketch of a fascinating open cluster in the constellation Vulpecula. It is amazing the eyepiece, lots of stars of various magnitudes with asterisms of all forms in the imagination and also a double star, all accompanied by the gaseous layer that surrounds the star cluster. Very … Continue reading Open Cluster NGC 6940 in Vulpecula

The Iris Nebula

Hi community ASOD, in holidays past summer I had the opportunity to travel to a great place with black skies. A goal Iris nebula in the constellation Cepheus. Easily detected at low power and lose contrast and light passing 100x. The star of magnitude about 7 something brighter northern main oval, followed by gaseous envelope … Continue reading The Iris Nebula

NGC 6822 Barnard’s Galaxy

Hi ASOD community last month to observe this incredible background irregular galaxy is weak but not enough to be spooky. A striking detail is to visualize the light concentration from north to south, with the odd within this park. All the more weak and irregular with a grainy appearance of faint stars that come and … Continue reading NGC 6822 Barnard’s Galaxy

Globular Cluster NGC 5466

Hi ASOD community, ships this globular cluster of this last observation. This provides for cluster not be brilliant, but it is very nice in a dark sky, you can solve some timid stars inside. The nucleus is large, has a lot of intensity in comparison with the rest of cluster light but does see clearly, … Continue reading Globular Cluster NGC 5466

Hope and Elegance in Lynx

Hi! to the community, sending a sketch of the last observation turned nice. This galaxy can be found in the constellation Lynx near Alpha. It is a very bright galaxy by its surface brightness 12.9 resulted in my wonderful scope for the great amount of detail offered, was not at its highest point in the … Continue reading Hope and Elegance in Lynx

Kemble’s Cascade & NGC 1502 – Camelopardalis

Hi ASOD, sending this observation of this magnificent object. It was the first time I could see this object and had to make the sketch. is a large area with a number of very luminous stars that end up in the open cluster NGC 1502 with its easy double star Struve 485 detectable at low … Continue reading Kemble’s Cascade & NGC 1502 – Camelopardalis

NGC 6781

Hi Asod, sent a recent observation of this magnificent nebula in the constellation of Aquila, has a very important and brightness donut shaped reminiscent lyra M 57, with the help of a filter details are more noticeable, and renamed to this object , the small ring Aquila. regards. Object name: NGC 6781 Object type: Planetary … Continue reading NGC 6781

NGC 6520 and Barnard 86

Hi, this sketch of open cluster barnard 86 of my last observation. It is a wonderful object, we can enjoy this jewel in the night sky. That day I could enjoy a very stable sky very definition, hitting that day to draw this magnificent object. Undoubtedly one of my favorite dark nebulae. Do not fail … Continue reading NGC 6520 and Barnard 86

The Crab Nebula

hi asod,I send my last observation of the Crab Nebula.this day the sky seemed to be good, but later was completely clouded wind.with these bad conditions, I was pleased with the observation.greetings and thanks. Object Name: messier 1 / ngc 1952 Object Type: supernova remnant Location: bonilla cuenca / spain Date: 1 February 2013 hour … Continue reading The Crab Nebula

The Peculiar Shape of NGC 4449

Hello asod, this sketch show is pretty irregular galaxy. During the observation, I could visualize the extreme deformities, without much effort. A large object that caused a great sensation through the eyepiece. Do not stand by its size but by its peculiar shape. Regards. Object name: caldwell 21 NGC 4449 Object type: galaxy Location: Pelayos … Continue reading The Peculiar Shape of NGC 4449

The 37 Cluster

hello asod, sent this sketch of the last observation. This open cluster has something special and reminiscent of 37 resulting in a spectacular asterism.This day the moon was present and disappeared before midnight, but did not stop at all observe this interesting deep sky object.greetings and thanks. Object name: ngc 2169 Object type: open cluster … Continue reading The 37 Cluster

Rosette Nebula

hi asod,I send this last observation of the Rosette Nebula.the sky that day was not very transparent,but after an hour of observation I could see many details and translate to paper. the details are subtle and contrasted with this great filter.greetings and thanks Object Name: ngc 2239/2244/2238 rosette nebula Object Type: open cluster and bright … Continue reading Rosette Nebula