Late August Sun – 2013

H-Alpha Sun - August 22-31, 2013
H-Alpha Sun – August 22-31, 2013

Location : Castres, south-west France (near Toulouse)
Date : from 22 to 31 august 2013
Media : graphite pencil, white paper

Comments :
Dayly sketch of sun made through a small Coronado PST (H Alpha) + 15mm Televue eyepiece
Method :
1) dayly observing sun coronado around 12h TU
2) quick sketch with ballpen on paper notepad (2 minutes)
3) later copy out on drawing paper with graphite pencil (10 to 12 minutes)
4) picture take of each drawing with camera + Photoshop processing
– flipping horizontally and vertically in order to see the correct sun orientation
– grouping the 9 pictures + date on the same sheet
One may see the sun rotation from August 26 to 29 watching at spots.
I saw some material projections ejected into space (see August 30)
We currently have a great solar activity
To see the solar prominences evolution one should have to observe every hour !

Thank you for taking into consideration this small contribution
Best regards.

Jean-Marc SALIOU
A.P.A.M. astronomy

Dancers on the Northwest Limb

Solar Prominences - August 16, 2012
Solar Prominences – August 16, 2012

2012 08 16, 1330 UT

NW Prominence

Erika Rix – Texas

DS Maxscope 60mm h-alpha, LXD75, Baader Planetarium Hyperion 8-24mm Mark III

Temp: 86 F (30 C), winds SE 5 mph, lightly scattered, 37% H
Seeing: Wilson 4.7-4, Transparency: 4/6, 50x, Alt: 72.7, Az: 175.3

Sketch created at the eyepiece with black Strathmore Artagain paper, white Conte’ pencil and crayon, and white color pencil.

NOAA 11543 had very bright plage. The sunspots within it weren’t quite as pronounced as the other day. There was a very large filament going east to west in the SE quadrant of the solar disk. More plage located to the SW and the E-NE quadrants.

The brightest, largest prominence that I spotted was located on the NW limb and resembled two dancers joined by their outreached hands with their other hands stretched out behind them. More prominences were scattered about the limb, but to the SW, a very short, bright set of prominences were apparent.

White Light and H-Alpha Sun from Polaris Observatory

White Light Sun - February 18, 2012
White Light Sun – February 18, 2012

Dear Asod,

I send you hereby my sketch made this Saturday at Polaris Observatory, Hungary. I used a 114/900 Skywatcher with Baader solar filter for white light sketch and a Lunt 35 for the H-alpha sketch.
The most intersting part is a solar prominence on the northern edge, which is was a very 3D something, biting in the sun-disk.

Equipments used: 114/900 SW (100x) & Lunt 35/400 H-alpha
Date: 18th February 2012, UT: 10:40 (white light) and 11:20 (H-alpha)
Place: Hungary, Budapest, Polaris Observatory
Media: graphite pencil used on white paper

Clear skies,

Full Disc H-Alpha – April 22, 2013

H-Alpha Sun - April 22, 2013
H-Alpha Sun – April 22, 2013

Object Name: Sun
Object Type: Star
Location: Deventer, The Netherlands
Date: April 22, 2013
Media: White pastel pencil on black paper, colorized and mirror reversed with Photoshop

Sunny weather + long lunch break = solar observing!
This afternoon I took 30 minutes to sketch the Sun in h-alpha. It’s been so long since my last solar sketch, I even had to search for the pastels. I made a full disk sketch, the active region AR1726 was large enough so see in detail even at low magnifications. For this sketch I used a 22mm LVW (32x) in my 70mm h-alpha telescope.

Kind regards,
Roel Weijenberg

H-Alpha Sun – April 1, 2013

H-Alpha Sun - April 1, 2013
H-Alpha Sun – April 1, 2013

Working with different gray pastel pencils works fine on the Moon. I tried the same technique on the Sun and was quite happy with the result. Hope you like it too.

Clear skies

Jef De Wit

Object: Sun

Location: Hove, Belgium (51°09’ N 4°28’ E)

Date and time: 1 April 2013, around 9.30 UT

Equipment: Lunt LS35T

Eyepiece: 13mm Nagler T6 (31x)

Medium: white, gray and black pastel pencils on black paper, scanned, colored with Paint Shop Pro, text added with Paint

H-Alpha Sun – March 3, 2013

H-Alpha Sun - March 3, 2013
H-Alpha Sun – March 3, 2013

Dear Asod,

Please find attached one of my latest sketches made of the Sun with my Luns LS35 H-Alpha telescope.
We had a lot of cloudy days so far this year, with only a few opportunities to go out and do any kind of observations, but finally the sun was shining and obviously I was sketching! J

Place: Budapest, Hungary

Date: 3rd March 2013

Equipment: 35/400 Lunt LS35T (H-alpha)

Object: Sun

Media: Graphite pencil used on white paper

Clear skies,

dr. Hannák Judit