Solar Fireworks


Solar prominences on June 11th, 2009.
Sketch and Details by Jeff Young

I observed this interesting solar prominence on the 11th of June. While most of the action was quite dim (particularly the two outer arches), there was one bright section elevated some distance off the limb which looked for all the world like fireworks going off.

White Derwent Graphitint pencil on black Strathmore Artagain paper.

Sketched from County Louth, Ireland.

As viewed through 70mm Solarscope h-alpha filter, Tele Vue Pronto, Astro-Physics Barlow, Baader MkV binoviewer and 19mm Panoptics.


— Jeff.

Broken Cigar


M82 (NGC 3034), The Cigar Galaxy
Sketch and Details by Per-Jonny Bremseth

Hey guys!

I send you “M.82, a broken cigar”.
The dark band was easy to see in my telescope and after a time
I could observe dark and lighter structures in this galaxy.
This galaxy is really a good target for amateurastronomers!

The separation between M.81 and M.82 is also a good match!!
The seeng and the transparency was very fine when the
drawing was made, and clean sky!

I use water coloured crayons on black paper only!

The observation of M.82 was from outside Trondheim, Norway.
See more info on my drawing!!

Best wishes from Per-Jonny Bremseth

Star Death in a Nearby Galaxy

M81 and SN 1993 J

Galaxy M81 and SN 1993 J

Sketch and Details by Per-Jonny Bremseth


I want to send you “M.81 and SN 1993 J”.
I was happy to see this “bright” supernova in a nearby galaxy.
The SN was at 10.5 mag. when I made this drawing 1. apr. 1993.
19.05-20.25 U.T..
I used my 20.3 cm. SCT. f/10. Magn.: 111x.
The FOV is 23 arcmin. , the sky was clean with top seeing and
with the objects very high (almost overhead)!.
I used waterbased crayons on black paper only.
Location: 6 km. north of Trondheim city in Norway.

Best wishes from “The grand prix winner” and

Per-Jonny Bremseth.

Holmes, a Historic Comet

Comet Holmes

Comet 17P/ Holmes
Sketch and Details by Per-Jonny Bremseth


Sending you “Holmes, a historic comet”.

This drawing was made 26. oct. 2007, 20.55 U.T.
Telescope : 15 inch Dob. f 4.5. , 140x magn.
Location : Trondheim astronomical observatory outside
the town.
Country : Norway.
The sketch was made with water colour crayons on black
paper (not inverted).

The comet was a most interesting object to observe, and I
made many sketches of this exploded comet.
More info on my drawing!

Best wishes from Norway and Per-Jonny Bremseth!!

A Globular with a Tail


M71, A Globular Cluster with a Tail
Sketch and Details by Per-Jonny Bremseth


Sending you “M71, Globular with tail”.
This observation is from nearby Trondheim, Norway.
The drawing is made with water based crayons on black paper,
not inverted.
I observe deep sky objects only when the sky is clean and
Look at info on my drawing!!

Best wishes from Per-Jonny Bremseth.