4 Dimensions for Jacques

Object Name (C/2014 E2 Jacques) Object Type (Comet) Location (Varages Provence France) Date (24-08-2014) Media (watercolour, 4 white paper, Paint.net and 3D photo maker) With our sketches we are staying with 2D only, the two dimensions of our papers. So, I project to reach 3D with anaglyph (cyan-red) glasses. It’s not so easy to make … Continue reading 4 Dimensions for Jacques

Moon Race Watercolour

* Object Name (Moon, Mars, Saturn) * Object Type (Conjunctions) * Location (Artignosc-sur-Verdon – Provence – France) * Date (2014 from 4 to 8 July) * Media (Watercolour, white paper, paint.net to invert the result) From July 4 to 8 Moon played with planets. From a purely astronomical point of view the Moon showed us … Continue reading Moon Race Watercolour

First International Sun-Day

First International Sun-Day · Object Name (International public event) · Object Type (Sun) · Location (Varages – Provence France) · Date (2014 June 22) · Media (graphite pencil for the sun, water ink and watercolour for the scenery, white paper, Paint.Net to assemble) This first International sun-day was a good time to show the sun … Continue reading First International Sun-Day

PanSTARRS C/2012 K1 and STF1758

Object Name (PanSTARRS C/2012 K1 and STF1758) Object Type (Comet and Double Star) Location (OAB – Observatoire Astronomique de Bauduen) Date (May 1st, 2014) Media (graphite pencil, watercolor, white 300gr paper) Ahhh, this night I really enjoyed myself! Imagine a unlikely place of beauty, the St. Croix lake, with the emerald waters of the “gorges … Continue reading PanSTARRS C/2012 K1 and STF1758

Mars Opposition Watercolou​r

•Object Name (Mars) •Object Type (Planet) •Location (Artignosc sur Verdon – France) •Date (April 15th) •Media (Watercolour on white paper, digital tools Paint.Net for the text) I use my 4” refractor (achromatic) f/10 – 200x to make the initial sketch; sadly the 12” Dobson give me less contrast for this target. Although the full Moon … Continue reading Mars Opposition Watercolou​r

The Sun Is a Star

From time to time, with friends, we animate minor scientific events in small Provencal villages. Today March 19th we were in Varages with the local AAP astro club. Fifty kids and residents came to have a look at our star’s volatile proms in H-alpha and some nice spots archipelago’s in WL. We used 3 refractors, … Continue reading The Sun Is a Star

Geminid’s Rain

Object Name (Geminids) Object Type (Meteor shower ) Location (Provence France) Date (14 dec 2013) Media (graphite pencil, watercolor, white paper, digital inversion ) From 4UT just after the moonset, I was observing one hour looking around the Leo area. I begin to sketch the sky region where I was looking, +/- 45° from the … Continue reading Geminid’s Rain

C/2013 R1 (Lovejoy) – December 3, 2013

Hello sketchers, Object Name (C/2013 R1 – Lovejoy) Object Type (comet) Location (Provence France) Date (3/12/2013) Media (watercolor on paper 65cm/25cm) This very morning, early, from Néoules, a nice dark sky area, I made 5 sketches with : a 80/400mm refractor (10x) for the large field and the long tail, a Dobson 12”, 58x and … Continue reading C/2013 R1 (Lovejoy) – December 3, 2013


Object Name Sun Object Type Sunspot 1575 and crown Location Néoules Provence France Date 22 sept. 2012 – 13h TU Media (graphite pencil for the spot, red pastel for the crown, two different white papers, Paint.net) I made two separate sketches, one in H alpha via a classic PST for the crown, the second one … Continue reading AR1575

Watercolor Prom

Object Name (Sun) Location (Rocbaron – Var in Provence) Date (April 22 2012 16h12 local time) Media (white paper, emerald green watercolour, inverted scanning.) Hello artists Just a few hours after the great sketch of Stratos Tsanaktsidis, I had the opportunity to draw this one. I use a common H alpha PST Coronado. My technique … Continue reading Watercolor Prom