The Owl Nebula

Messier 97
Messier 97

Object Name: M 97 (NGC 3587)

Location: RA: 11h 15m 36.0s, Dec: +54° 01′ 08″

Magnitude: 11

Dimensions: 3.4 ‘x 3.3’

Constellation: Ursa Major

Type: Planetary Nebula. Class IIIa

Observing Location: Bonilla. Cuenca

Date: February 9, 2013.

Time: 23:58 T.U.

Material used: graphite pencil on white paper. Inverted image and processed with Photoshop.

Telescope S/C 8″ Mount Cgt-5

Eyepiece: Hyperion Aspheric 31 mm; Magnification: 65x.

Conditions: NEML: 5.3 (Zone 4 Gem.) Temp.: -4º C, Humidity 72%, Slight breeze.

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  1. Mariano,

    Very fine sketching of this fine planetary nebula.

    Frank 🙂

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