NGC 3993, NGC 3989, NGC 3987 and NGC 4000

NGC 3993, NGC 3989, NGC 3987, NGC 4000
NGC 3993, NGC 3989, NGC 3987, NGC 4000

After a busy very garden weekend both at home and on the allotment, Saturday night out under the stars, a flying visit to Aldershot and back on Sunday and finishing the weekend off with a late night out at the Folk club, I was flagging when Monday evening offered a clear sky! But with the ongoing run of cloud wrap the UK has had, no opportunity should be missed for starlight! So just one sketch I told myself.
Ok so e start off with Arp 138 aka NGC 4015 located in Coma Berenices right onto the border with Leo, a very interesting galaxy with what I believe is a jet emanating from its western side and extending SW-NE. Other galaxies in the sketch are NGC 4021 top left, NGC 4011 to right, NGC 4023 bottom left. To be able to witness such massive forces in action far out across the universe is a privilege of very few people on earth and that is just how I feel, privileged.

OK with this Arp and neighbours safely to paper I scouted the local vicinity for anything else of interest whilst I was there, so much for just the one sketch! There were no shortage of galaxies very close, one group caught my eye and I moved the scope to encompass as many as I could in the small field of view what I got was fantastic group of diverse galaxies just into Leo and just to the west of Arp 138. In a clockwise direction from top right in my sketch below we have NGC 3993 at mag 11.83, showing nice spiral structure, next there is tiny NGC 3989 with a tiny hook like feature of detail observed, mag 14.9, to the west, an amazing edge on with stunning dust lane, NGC 3987 at mag 13.1. Last but not least to the SE next to a bright mag 8.2 star, is a faint, very thin, very straight edge on, N-S orientation, this is NGC 4000 a mag 14.5 absolute beauty πŸ™‚

Right it’s time for bed, one more sketch in the bag than I had intended so not bad, but with the need to be up for work by 05.30am I closed up.

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  1. Hi Dale,

    This is an excellent sketch.
    There is nothing quite as special in deep sky sketching as multiple galaxies especially with ones having edge-on dust lanes.
    Wonderful work my friend.

    Frank πŸ™‚

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