Bodes Nebulae: M81 and M82

Messier 81 and 82
Messier 81 and 82

Object: M81\M82 Galaxies in Ursa Major
Scope: 10″ Newtonian
Eyepiece: 36mm Baader Hyperion, FoV 2,07°
Date of scetch: 12.29.2012
Location: Kalteck, Bavaria, Germany

Just before the New year me and my buddy packed our gear and went on a small mountain where we occasionally enjoy the Nightsky . Though my friend is more into photographic Astronomy we sometimes try our skills at the same Objects and share our Scetches\Photos what’s great to compare. Especially if someone asks you if you can see all the colors and details through your scope that they know from Hubble images in Media.
It was a pretty good night with excellent seeing and good transparency. Only 95% illuminated Moon was a little annoying then. Bodes Nebulae are always a nice view.
Made a few scetches that night. This is my first one to post here. There’ll probably be more.

Clear skies

3 thoughts on “Bodes Nebulae: M81 and M82”

  1. Nice sketch Thorsten, I like the dark areas in your galaxies, very true to the eyepiece. Sounds like you had a good night out with your friend!.


  2. Hello Thorsten,

    I regarded Bodes Nebulae yesterday with my 6″ f( from a Berlin suburb. The Difference is remarkable. So I need abigger scope and/or a blackout!

    Ansonsten viele Grüße aus Berlin nach Bayern.



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