Markarian's Chain

Markarian’s Chain

Markarian’s Chain superb spring object, this curved line of galaxies is my favorite part of the Virgo Cluster. I sketched 10 of them visible in the 16-inch telescope in small-town suburbia (naked eye limiting magnitude is about 5)

I noticed exactly 10 galaxies from the left:

Ngc 4477
Ngc 4473
Ngc 4458
Ngc 4461
Ngc 4435
Ngc 4438
Ngc 4402
Mgc 4388

Of course, the sketch doesn’t represent the field of view 72 degrees (22mm, eyepiece)- it was just sketched by moving the tube ;) Power is almost about 82x

Yours Robert

Sketch details:
Object Name: Markarian’s Chain
Object Type: Group of galaxies
Location: Poland, Oborniki
Date: 03-03-2013
Equipment: Newtonian telescope 409/1800 (Capella 41), and 22 mm eyepiece
Object: – Artist: Robert Twarogal (Ignisdei)