Spring Comet


Name: c/2011 L4 panstarrs
Type: Comet
Location: Frosinone, Italy (near Rome)
Date: 21th march 2013
Media: graphite pencil for the first sketch then digital tools (gimp)

Here’s my sketch of the Panstarrs, made from Frosinone. The sky was bright when i observed the comet. It was visible with naked eye like a 2-3 magnitude star… I could see it after 7.10 pm. With the binocular the comet shows a bright core and a fuzzy tail about 1° long.

hope you like it!

if you want there are more sketches in my blog, http://astronomiadabalcone.blogspot.it/

4 thoughts on “Spring Comet”

  1. Giovanni,

    You nailed it! That’s exactly how I see it through binoculars! Excellent digital work. 😜

    Dark and Clear skies,


  2. Ottimo lavoro Gio. …era un’opera che già conoscevo e mi chiedevo il perché non lo avessi spedito.

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