Messier 42

A Bird in Flight

Messier 42
Messier 42


I send my sketch of M42. This well-known nebula. In particular, beautifully presented in a dark country sky. Friends who looked at this property by my telescope will not forget this view, the dark sky in the eyepiece and on the background of glowing mist that looks like a bird in flight is a sensation that can not be forgotten. It is a pity that the sky is still cloudy for a long time. I hope that in March the weather will be better 🙂 Thank you and best regards,

Object name: M42 ”
Object type: Nebula
Location: Psary in Poland
Date: 6th February 2013
Power 56x
Telescope: Newton 8 “dobson.

4 thoughts on “A Bird in Flight”

  1. I also sometimes see it as a bird, especially through an H-beta filter. (Actually, a kind of terrible, but not necessarily malevolent giant petrel!) This is a very faithful rendering.

  2. Nice sketch, pretty similar to what I see with my 7″ Dob when it is close to the zenith (Brazil).

  3. Daniel,

    This is a fine capture of of the great Orion nebula.
    Thanks for posting for all to see.

    Frank 🙂

  4. Hello Daniel,

    M 42 is always a dream in dark nights, particularly at low magnification. I love this bright nebula.

    CS Uwe

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