Venus on a Cold Winter Night

Venus - January 27, 2012
Venus – January 27, 2012

Object Name: Venus
Object Type: Planet
Telescope: Synta SW 8″ + GSO #15A Filter
Location: Płaza, Poland
Date: 27.01.2012
Media: graphite pencil, white paper, photoshop cs2, inverted

Hello everyone. This is my newest sketch of one of our Solar System planets. I mean Venus as you can see on the picture. This is very bright and beautiful object on the night sky, but it is also quite hard to observing. Apart from this, sometimes we can see a clouds on Venus. When I was sketching it, I saw something a little bit darker than the rest of the planet and I think that it could be that clouds.
What about sky conditions? I can evaluate the seeing at 7/10, the visibility was very good, but the temperature was very low, about -20 Celsius degrees. But there is something amazing when you are sitting next to the telescope, looking at objects that are very far away when your fingers seems to be already frozen 😀

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