M42 Trapezium

M42 Trapezium

M42 Trapezium
M42 Trapezium

Object Name: M42- Trapezium
Object Type: Nebula
Constellation: Orion
Location: Fredericksburg, Texas
Date: 02/07/13
Time: 21:20 CST
Conditions: Clear; Breezy
Seeing: 3/5; Transparency: 4/5
Equipment: 280mm SCT, 12.5mm EP
Power: 224x
FOV: 12′
Medium: Graphite pencil and Blending Stump on white paper. Photographed and color inverted.

I know this is a popular object. It’s beautiful in just about any telescope even from a light polluted area. But from a dark sky site (near 7 mag) like the one I was at it is unbelievable. So rich in nebulosity my sketch barely does it justice. At about 1400 light years and a diameter of some 24 light years this stellar nursery is fascinating! I have read that, besides being one of the closest star forming regions, the brightest stars and the youngest ones may be only 100,000 years old. I never tire of observing the Great Nebula!!!!

John E.

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