The 37 Cluster

NGC 2169
NGC 2169

hello asod, sent this sketch of the last observation. This open cluster has something special and reminiscent of 37 resulting in a spectacular asterism.This day the moon was present and disappeared before midnight, but did not stop at all observe this interesting deep sky object.greetings and thanks.

Object name: ngc 2169
Object type: open cluster
Location: bonilla cuenca ( spain )
Date: 14 february 2013
Media: graphite pencil,processed and inverted gimp 2.8
Optical equipment: dobsonian telescope 10″ meade lightbridge,eye piece explore scientific 14mm 82°
magnification 90x true field 0,9°

Sky conditions: Clear Calm,16% moon.nelm 5,4. Temperature 2,6°C relative humidity 70% borthle scale.

5 thoughts on “The 37 Cluster”

  1. NGC 2169 has been one of my personal favorite open clusters since I first viewed it in 1983. It is called the “37” cluster. Nice drawing and thanks for sharing.


  2. Roberto,
    Last time I was out observing I had a look at this unique cluster.
    Great job bringing out the asterism.

  3. Frank,John Thanks for your a very interesting and beautiful object in the sky, do not lose sight.

  4. AJ sorry did not see your message.when you discovered that cluster,I was born in that year.I’m glad you like.

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