Jupiter - February 10, 2013

Jupiter – February 10, 2013

Jupiter - February 10, 2013
Jupiter – February 10, 2013

Hello Stargazers,

this is the first time I send one of my sketch to you. Since the beginning of the year, it’s real terrible, cloudy weather here in Germany. One chance was on February the 10th, the sky was pretty transparent with less turbulences. The temperature was frosty, about minus six degrees Celsius. Sitting in a sheltered corner of my garden, the 12 inch dob offers me the beauty of the gas giant.

Object Name: Jupiter
Object Type: Planet
Location: Schwanfeld, Germany
Date: 10th February 2013
Media: graphite pencil on white standard paper

Hope you like it.

Starry regards.
Florian Köhler

5 thoughts on “Jupiter – February 10, 2013”

  1. Hallo Florian,

    herzlichen Glückwunsch zu dieser Zeichnung aus der “Nachbarschaft”. Toll, was du aufs Papier gebracht hast.

    LG Uwe

  2. Nice sketch, Herr Köhler, send us more soon.
    I am going to stay a hole week in your country next week, I hope it is not too cold (it is pretty hot here in Brazil).

  3. @Rodrigo P. C.

    Hello Rodrigo,

    I hope that weather allows me to see Jupiter this season again. Since 10th February it’s still cloudy again. Last weekend brought about 20 centimeters of snow to us, the temperature is about -6 degrees Celsius. Don’t forget your scarf 😀

    @Frank McCabe

    Hello Frank,

    thank you for your Feedback!

    Clear Skies

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