NGC 1169

NGC 1169 An Obsecure Galaxy in Perseus

NGC 1169
NGC 1169

Object Name: NGC 1169 in Perseus
Object Type: Galaxy Type Sb/SBb
Location: West Desert, Rush Valley, Utah
Date: November 6 2012
Time: 03:12 UT
Seeing: Antoniadi II
V. Mag: 11.6
Surface Brightness: 14.1
Size: 4.2’ x 2.8’
Scope: 14”Dobstuff with Zambuto mirror
Eyepiece: 10m Pentax XW w/Type I Paracorr (white lettering).
Media: Black Paper with chalk pastel (Mellish Method)

I’ve decided instead of jumping all around to return to the Herschel 400 II to complete that list as my new scope is now done being built. I’m still learning the nuisances of the scope but I need the clouds to get out of the way more at new moon! The galaxy is pretty bright but it is small. Using averted vision shows a faint halo. The core is very bright and there is a 13 to 13.5 mag star (estimated) on the southwest side of the core, rather super-imposed on it.

This sketch is dedicated to the late StepDad of Phil or City-Kid over at CloudyNights who passed away in late October. JC Miller was very interested in astronomy. May his light continue to reach his family and friends though out their lives as the light from objects above continue to reach each of us who look for them.

3 thoughts on “NGC 1169 An Obsecure Galaxy in Perseus”

  1. Hello Jay,

    A wonderful galaxy sketch. Just the kind of great detail we always get from you.
    Thanks for posting.

    Frank 🙂

  2. May it be so, Jay.

    I viewed this galaxy just a few days later and recorded a “shifting” appearance of the central region due to the superimposed star. As always I like the high dynamic range and smoothness of your rendition.

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