Crater Bullialdus

Crater Bullialdus
Crater Bullialdus

After observing Saturn early on the morning of 4th February, I shifted my C11 telescope to the Moon.

The 60km diameter crater Bullialdus was prominent in Mare Nubium, with stark shadows and multiple central peaks showing in this illumination. After a quick pencil sketch, I took a photograph and some time later sketched the scene, using soft pastels on white paper.

North is to the top. The two craters below Bullialdus in the centre are Bullialdus A and B respectively. Above and to the left is the large flooded crater Lubiniezky .

It was worth the effort getting up at 4am to take advantage of the excellent seeing conditions and a phase of the moon I don’t often observe.

Crater Bullialdus in Mare Nubium, C11 (280mm SCT, 2.5x Barlow)
Adelaide, South Australia, February 4th 2013, 5:00 am local time.
Soft pastels on white paper.


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  1. Thank you Dale. I’m still experimenting with pastels. I’m finding better results on white paper than black for now.

    Frank, thanks for the kind comment.


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