A Glow In The Night


Messier 94 is a beautiful galaxy in the constellation of Canes venatici;
with a distance of 17 million light years and a diameter of 56000 light
years, it contains about 60 billion sun masses. M 94 is a starburst galaxy.
The conditions, when I observed it, were very good, good transparency
and seeing, so I was able to clearly discern a stellar core, a brighter
inner and a darker outer halo. All of this was embedded into a faint and
distant glow, which faded into nothing at the outer rim.

Sebastian Lehner

Date: March 16, 2007
Location: Steinwald, Bavaria, Germany
Instrument: Dobsonian 8″ f/6
Constellation: Canes venatici
Seeing: I-II of VI
Transparency: I of VI
NELM: 6m4
Sketch Medium: White pastels and white ink on black cardboard.

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