Messier 52

Messier 52

Messier 52
Messier 52

M52 (OC in Cass)
Location : Yang-Pyung, South Korea
Date : July/28/2012
Media : Black paper, White Jelly pen / Pastel
Equipment : Discovery 15″ Dob, Pentax XL 14mm, Nagler Type6 9mm

The M52 is the open cluster without the impressive feature.
It’s hard to find because the boundary is uncertain.
The central part is vacant, and there is no brightness difference of comprised stars.
What is the fascination of the m52?
The answer is in this sketch.

Nightwid 無雲

4 thoughts on “Messier 52”

  1. Nightwid,

    That is a lovely sketch, I plan for another peek at it soon after seeing your drawing.

    Thia (Cindy)

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