Conjunction of Mercury, Venus and the Moon

Early Planets

Conjunction of Mercury, Venus and the Moon
Conjunction of Mercury, Venus and the Moon

Please find here my (this morning) watercolour

Object Name (Mercury, Venus and the Moon)
Object Type (conjunction)
Location (Rocbaron Provence France)
Date (December 11th 2012 6:00 UT)
Media (Watercolour on 300gr paper plus white colour for planets)

It was quite cold this morning -1°C plus Mistral (north local wind)… but I would like to see again the rising of Mercury from my terrace.

Bottom-up we can see: Mercury near the chimney and Venus close to the Moon.

The watercolour was done on the spot, taking off the pigment for the planets with a brush when the paper was not yet dry. I add some hot coloration to the dark part of the very old Moon. Then I scanned the picture.

Clear sky to you all !

Michel Deconinck

4 thoughts on “Early Planets”

  1. Michel I love this drawing and admire your artistic style, the fact that I too enjoyed viewing this stunning scene makes it even more special for me 🙂
    Thank you, Dale UK

  2. Superbe oeuvre d’art, Michel! J’adore cette atmosphère paisible. J’espère que tu vas l’encadrer!


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