Crater Goclenius

Crater Goclenius
Crater Goclenius

The seeing was better than usual on November 18th, so I decided to use a high magnification on my C6, and see what would catch my eye.

Near the edge of Mare Fecunditatis, craters Gutenberg and Goclenius stood out, with two rimae running in from the north west.

I zeroed in on the crater Goclenius itself. The Rimae run right into it. The shadows were quite stark, revealing the broken down crater walls, and the fractures on the floor were very apparent.

A pencil sketch was done at the eyepice, and a photo taken. The final sketch was then completed at leisure a couple of weeks later.

Crater Goclenius, C6 (150mm SCT, 3 x Barlow)
Adelaide, South Australia, November 18th 2012.
Medium is charcoal on white paper.


5 thoughts on “Crater Goclenius”

  1. Ivan,

    Your sketch makes this crater come alive! The contrasting dark & light areas give it so much depth

    Thia (Cindy)

  2. Thank you for the kind comment Thia! The depth and shadows really stood out with the moon at this phase.


  3. Ivan,

    Somehow I missed this beautiful sketch of yours.

    I like it and the color you selected.

    Frank 🙂

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