Jupiter - November 24, 2012

Colourful Jupiter

Jupiter - November 24, 2012
Jupiter - November 24, 2012

Objekt Name: Jupiter
Object Type: Planet
Location: Koroška, Austria
Date: 24.11.2012
Media: Graphite pencil on white paper. Colours added with Gimp2

On this observation evening, seeing was average (Antoniadi: II-III). After a while it was obvious, that 180x will be the highest practical power.
Inside the SEB I could observe the disturbances behind the GRS. They were clearly brighter and in some moments they even showed some structures. The bright bay around the GRS was also a feast for the eyes. The NEB showed its irregular edge. Connected to the NEB, there were a bump and a small Festoon inside the EZ.
When I switched to 150x, the subtle colours became noticable clearer. The planets surface showed its well known cream-colour. SEB an NEB were a little bit on the brown side. The GRS showed a hue of salmon pink. I even managed to see a blue touch at the little bump of the NEB. I´ve never seen Jupiter so colourful!

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  1. Michael,

    Very fine captures of details on Jupiter.
    Thanks for posting this one for all of us to see.


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