NGC 40

NGC 40 – A Fine Planetary Nebula

NGC 40
NGC 40

Object Name: NGC40 (also Caldwell 2)
Object Type: Planetary Nebula in Constellation Cepheus
Observing Location: Sudelfeld, Bavaria, Germany
Date: 16. November 2012, 11:50 PM
Observer: Christian Rausch
Telescope: 12inch/F5 Dobson (Hofheim Instruments)
Used Filters: none
Power: 300x (Nagler 5mm)
Conditions: SQML = 21,45 mag/arcsec*2, seeing good, transparency very good, Temp. +3C, rel. humidity 40%
Media: Chalk pencil on black paper

The night from the 16. to the 17. of November was exceptional here in southern Bavaria. A very good transparency combined with good seeing conditions is very rare in our area. In addition the fog down in the valley damped the artificial lights.

It was a great night!

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