Albategnius Crater

Albategnius Crater

Albategnius Crater
Albategnius Crater

Pictured is Albategnius crater, sketched [June 26, 2012] during a 4 hour session behind my William Optics 80 II FD apo. 156x, 3.5mm Nagler. The clouds disturbed every now and then, that’s why it took quite some time.

Hope you like it!

Erik van Woerkens, from Belgium.

5 thoughts on “Albategnius Crater”

  1. Hello Erik,

    what a fantastic sketch. It belongs to the best drawn moon pictures I know. But now, I need little help about your work.

    Perhaps you can give me answer to my questions.

    You observed Albategnius Crater with a 80mm Telescope. Some little craters at the bottom of Albategnius are so small, that it´s not easy for me to believe, that you could see them. Have you used some pictures or a moon-map after the session to finish your work?

    The reason: With a 80mm APO you can solve 1,5″. 1″ at the moon is ca. 1,85km, so you can see craters, if they have 2,75 km or bigger in diameter. The smallest craters in your sketch have diameters from 1 – 1,5 km. How did it work??

    The other question belongs to the shadows. During your 4 hour session they wold be change very rapidly. Your sketch contains so many details with shadows and all is in harmony. That´s incomprehensible for me.

    Don´t think that I´ll belittle your sketch!!!! I´am total interested in your technical course. Maybe I can learn something about moon-sketches. 🙂

    Do you work at the telescope only with outlines and several brightness numbers (1…7) and later you finish the sketch in longer processing?

    However you´ve done this sketch, I am overwhelmed!!! Give us more of it!!!

    Questioning greetings


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