Double Stars from July 2012

An Array of July Doubles

Double Stars from July 2012
Double Stars from July 2012

Dear Asod,

I send you hereby my sketches of double stars mainly from Virgo, Aquila, Bootes and Lyra. I have observed these double (and multiple) systems on the 14th and on the 28th July. These are all different doubles (or multiples), with different separations from 1,5” to 200”, with different colours. But all can be observed with a small telescope like mine.

Equipment used: 130/650, 26x, 52x, 93x, 130x (different eyepieces).
Media: White paper, graphite pencil, inverted in Photoshop
Date: 14th and 28th July 2012
Place: Budapest, Hungary

Clear Skies,


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