NGC 246

NGC 246 – The Skull Nebula

NGC 246
NGC 246

Object Name: NGC246 – Skull Nebula
Object Type: Planetary Nebula (Cetus)
Observing Location: Sudelfeld, Bavaria, Germany
Date: 21. October 2012
Media: Chalk pencil on black paper
Observer: Christian Rausch
Telescope: 12inch / F5 Dobson (Hofheim Instruments)

– SQML = 21,3 mag/arcsec*2, seeing = good, Temp. +12C
– 167x (Nagler 13mm)

This time with the right annex….

Best Regards

2 thoughts on “NGC 246 – The Skull Nebula”

  1. Christian,

    I like the sketch you have created and posted of this fine planetary nebula.

    Frank 🙂

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