Messier 8

M8 – The Lagoon Nebula

Messier 8
Messier 8

Object Name: M 8 (NGC 6523) and NGC 6530
Location: RA 18h 04m 30.7s Dec -24 º 22 ’51 ”
Type: Emission Nebula+Open Cluster.
Constellation: Sagittarius.

Bonilla.Cuenca. SPAIN
Date: July 20, 2012
Material used: graphite pencil on white paper. Inverted image and processed with Photoshop.
Telescope: Celestron S/C 8″ Mount Cgt5
Eyepiece: 31 mm Hyperion Aspheric + UHC filter. Magnification 65x
Conditions: NEML 5’64 (Chart 14 Cyg). Temperature 18ºC

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5 thoughts on “M8 – The Lagoon Nebula”

  1. What a beautiful peace of art hermano!

    I hope see a new art from you every week!


    Felicitaciones de Brasil!

  2. Mariano,

    M-8 makes a fine target all summer long and we can tell from your lovely sketch why.

    Frank 🙂

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